KEEP CALM Its your Birthday! + Free Graphics

Keep Calm Birthday Card designs for men and women. Plus free graphics for you to download and use in your own creations…

Lately I’ve had a phase of creating ‘KEEP CALM’ posters.  You can view these here.  It occurred to me the other day – why should I stop at posters? This type of design would also make very individual cards, suitable for both men and women.

Well, you know how it is, I was excited by the concept – and on a roll – so I ‘Kept Calm and Carried On!…:)  Here are three ‘hot off the press’ birthday card designs, along with a few spare graphics I created along the way.

NOTE: Usual © terms for my designs, but I have not added watermarks to the free graphics, so please save and use them as you wish. All I ask is if you put them on the web it’d be lovely to get a mention.

1)  Female 40th Birthday

This card is personalised for a 40th birthday. I used a textured harlequin design as the background, with a digital clock stamp and a vintage crown. The typography is a mixture of colours and has deep pink shadows which gives it a nice 3D effect.

As usual for privacy reasons I changed the recipients name to Lily.

The insert for this card has the same background – I just changed opacity. I created a rosette, and wrote a custom verse for the birthday girl.


KEEP CALM 40 insert

2) Generic Birthday – Denim

On this card I decided not to add the usual logo to the top, it just looked better that way somehow. I created the background in a three step process. I used a denim texture, layered a Union Jack pattern over the top, and then added a frame around the edges which give the appearance of  wooden boards. I created the typography using complementary colours in a gradient.

I was in a hurry to print this one, so I just did a simple white insert with text and a graphic.


3) Generic Birthday – Union Jack Flag

With this card, I ‘grunged’ up a regular Union Jack flag, added the same Union Jack pattern as the denim card, and created gold metal typography.  The insert again was simple – just in white with a greeting and a graphic.

KEEP CALM Union Jack Birthday

Graphics For You! Use these as you wish :)

Click on gallery pics to view full size. These are PNG images with transparent backgrounds, right click – save as.

I hope you like my designs,

Thanks for visiting, see you next time…


6 Comments on “KEEP CALM Its your Birthday! + Free Graphics

  1. These are fabulous cards Amanda and I love how you have used texture to create more interest as well. James and Lily are so lucky to get these cards – lol. Have a great weekend.

        • I was hoping you would :) Send me the link if you do hun, I’d love to see what you do with them & I’ll add your link to my post to show others how they can be used.
          I tend to make lots of extra graphics when Im creating new designs, so I may as well start adding them as freebies to share. Its not purely selfless though, cos even though I don’t sell my designs, it will be good publicity if I ever do. I don’t have much of an advertisers brain lol, but it seems to me to be a good thing to do. You get free graphics – I get a mention – we both get more exposure! :)
          Have a great weekend Patricia x

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