Word Snap Weekly: Bee Inspired

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

This week there can be no doubt spring has arrived. The warm weather we’ve been having is not the only sign,  I have seen a few Queens buzzing around the flowers, no doubt looking out for a new nest.  

I decided to find out a few facts about our Honey Bees, and wrote a Haiku poem to go with my image.


© an original work by Amanda Lakey

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Word Snap Weekly: The World is Awakening

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly, and a very Happy Easter to you!

This week I am inspired by the lovely daffodils, which have just popped up their heads to provide a welcome splash of colour against the mostly bare trees.

The signs of spring are all around us, and the poem by David E. Bumbaugh sums it up perfectly!

Daffodil © Amanda Lakey, uniqueartchic.com

© an original work by Amanda Lakey – based upon a poem by David E. Bumbaugh

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Word Snap Weekly: Fabulous at 30

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

This week I combined artography with a Haiku inspired by a special 30th birthday. I took some photos of Jo last night when we went out to celebrate. So using the same design I decided to create a funky greeting card for her.

Happy Birthday Jo :)


An Original Work by Amanda Lakey


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Word Snap Weekly: Puppy Love

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

Yesterday was a special day. Not only was it the first day of Spring, we welcomed a bundle of furry fun into our family. Meet our puppy Lakeland Terrier – Jakey. :)

Of course, it’s quite crazy here at the moment, but all the pets have become friends which is always the main concern.  The quotation used is an adapted quote by Anatole France.

Puppy Love © Amanda-Lakey, uniqueartchic.com


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Word Snap Weekly: Mother’s Day

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

Today is Mother’s Day, so combining whimsical with photo realism, this is my Mother’s Day card design for 2015. This card is made personal for my Mum, not only due to the original freestyle poem on the inside of the card – but the lovely Aquilegia flower was photographed in her own garden. 



© An original work by Amanda Lakey

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Quoteography: All One

We are all one in nature…

I considered a few images for this quote. I had some possibilities which were far more artistic, and no way is this a perfect shot. However in the end, I decided that Leo taking such great interest in my Valentine roses, said just what I was thinking when I wrote the quote.

I’ve no doubt that Leo just wondered why I was making such a fuss of the roses! But – still I love this gentle photo…


© an original work by Amanda Lakey


We are all connected – all one

learn to appreciate the beauty of nature

compassion will surely follow…

                                                                             – Amanda Lakey


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Word Snap Weekly: Spring

My theme this week is SPRING! I have created a montage with some Fairy magic and a Haiga poem.


© An original work by Amanda Lakey

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The Promise of Spring

At this time of year, we often get that magical lead up to Spring. I enjoy walking in this weather, it’s still very cold, the branches are bare and there is little greenery – but wow! That blue sky is just amazing! 


© photography by Amanda Lakey

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday…

The passing of Leonard Nimoy has been featured heavily this week on the news and internet. Since I am a massive Sci Fi fan and love Star-Trek – so much so, I even named my youngest son after a fictional character on Next Generation!  No it’s not Spock! LOL :D.  

So, this week I thought it might be a nice tribute to the man himself to share a quote from him. 


© Artography by Amanda Lakey – at Glasgow Botanical Gardens

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Word Snap Weekly: Flowers of the World

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly. 

Flower art montage, along with a Haiga poem…


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Writer’s Quote – Dreams


© Artography by Amanda Lakey


Dreams are so important aren’t they?  Dreams feed our souls and passion . They motivate us to believe in ourselves and set goals. They set the seed for hope and encourage us to continue – often against all the odds!

How many of us might baulk at the time it will take us to reach our goal? But – how many more will look back at a year wasted, and think  – I wish I had done it…! Continue reading

Word Snap Weekly: Magical Things

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly:

Macro shot of droplets, coupled with a quote  by Eden Phillpotts.

Magical Things © Amanda Lakey uniqueartchic.com

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Swan Lake

We took our dog Leo to a local park on Sunday in an attempt to cheer him up, he is quite depressed since we lost Lissie.

It has become more obvious than ever that Lissie was pack leader, Leo really does seem quite lost! He is hesitant about mixing with other dogs, and even wary of jumping in the lake! 

However, I am pleased to say he does seem to be coming to terms with things a bit more.  He barked at the Swan which is normal for him, and he also had a go at playing fetch with a stick. Interestingly, I have noticed that Jazzy our cat, seems to have taken over the role of leader in the household, she is eating first whilst Leo waits his turn. Bless him!

So for my entry for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share, I have the Swan photos that bought Leo to life – at least for a little while. For me, the photo’s are interesting – not so much to do with the Swan, lovely as she is, but with the look of the water and the reflections.

Swan-Lake-©-Amanda-Lakey,-uniqueartchic.com-(2) Continue reading

Word Snap Weekly: Breath Deep

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly!

This week I am in the mood for some soul restoration, my photograph was taken in Fuerteventura, I have altered it to give it a dreamy painterly look and added a Haiga poem.


© Artography by Amanda Lakey

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My Valentine

Three animal card designs, Greek mythology and a love song. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The first design I gave to my husband Steve today.

My-Valentine-©-Amanda-Lakey,-uniqueartchic.com-(3) Continue reading

Macro Tulips

Macro is my favourite discipline, be it on the iPhone or using the camera. I just love the challenge of seeing how far I can push it.

These tulips were given to me by a good friend after the loss of my dog Lissie last week. I was deeply touched by her thoughtful gift, and the flowers cheered me up.

Saturday was such a beautiful blue sky day, and though the flowers were slightly fading by then, I took them outside and photographed then using the iPhone 6+. Continue reading

Word Snap Weekly: Robin Messenger


Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

The cheerful Red Robin is a rare but welcome sight and beckons in the spring. There are many myths surrounding Robins, but this particular one holds special significance for me.  It is said, that seeing a Robin signifies a visit from a deceased family member or friend – reassuring those who see them that their loved ones are still near.

My haiku poem is not done in the traditional style, I have stayed true to the 5,7,5 symbols, but have used four stanzas and in a style of my own.

My poem is a true account of events that took place the day after the loss of my beloved dog Lissie.  Is it coincidence? Wishful thinking?  My gut feeling is no, but even if it was, the experience gave me some comfort. Continue reading

Goodbye my Lissie

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I write this. Last night we said goodbye to our beautiful Wheaten Terrier Lissie. Continue reading

Word Snap Weekly: Ode to a Rose

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly!

This week I am inspired by the beauty of Roses. I created an Artography design with word art, and learned a little about Ode poetry.

 I have had a go, and written a one stanza Horatian Ode, with a rhyming couplet scheme using ten syllables per line. Continue reading

Dance in the Rain

This week for Writers Quote Wednesday, I decided to share a photograph of a quote. The wooden plaque was decorating a restaurant wall, and I immediately thought of Colleen’s challenge.

Just because I have to play with my photographs, I have edited out the background and given it a rustic brick finish.

Life Quote © Amanda Lakey, Unique Art Chic.com Continue reading

Japanese Florals

Delicate hand-made Japanese flowers.

It’s the 4th week on Sally’s challenge, which means it’s challengers choice. I have chosen ‘objects’ – macro photographs from a collection of handmade Japanese flowers.

Japanese Florals © Amanda Lakey, uniqueartchic.com

© Original Photography by Amanda Lakey

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Word Snap Weekly: Monochrome Passion

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

This week I have created a bit of vintage drama. An artography design featuring Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara, along with a Haiku poem.



© Original art and haiku by Amanda Lakey


monochrome passion

love is lost – gone with the wind

drama all over


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Horse Tales

Horses are so very solemn aren’t they, they have a grace and kindness that seems to emanate from their very souls. I have a distinct feeling they could teach us humans a few things.

These photographs are of different horses that live in the same field. They were snapped at various times of the year,  Steve and I love to visit them on our walks, we give them carrots and a loving stroke if we can.

Our dogs Lissie and Leo, are full of respect for these gentle creatures. They don’t bark at them at all, they just wag their tails at the sight of old friends. Continue reading

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Hope


Artography, with an adapted quote by Emily Dickinson.

Hope © Amanda Lakey, uniqueartchic.com

© Artography by Amanda Lakey


The quote has been adapted from a poem written by Emily Dickinson, you can read the bio here.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all –

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –

And sore must be the storm –

That could abash the little Bird

That kept so many warm –

I’ve heard it in the chillest land –

And on the strangest Sea –

Yet – never – in Extremity,

It asked a crumb – of me.

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Word Snap Weekly: Pegasus Alights

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly…

This week I created a digital art image of a flying horse over the sea, using multiple apps on both my iPad and iMac. My Word Snap is a Tanka poem.

Pegasus Alights © Amanda Lakey, Unique Art Chic.com

© Original Art and Tanka by Amanda Lakey

Flying over waves

there is magic in the air

good fortune is yours

so, dream and make your wishes

Pegasus alights with love

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Word Snap Weekly: Illusive Romance

Welcome to Word Snap Weekly.

What a hectic and stressful week – well at least in terms of my blog! I really must apologise for not visiting anyone. I have transferred over to WordPress.org so that I can incorporate a shopping cart for art and card designs. I thought I was accomplished with WP, I now know different – OMG what a huge learning curve this is!

I purchased a truly stunning new theme, but you will see I’m not using it yet. I ended up switching to a basic  theme to make my blog useable for the short term. After all, I have a challenge to run! I have much to get my head around before my new theme will be public.

I was assured that followers would still see my posts in their readers, this doesn’t appear to have happened. I am seeking help on this, but for now if you wish to see my posts. Please follow via email

Anyway, onto the challenge. This week I have created an artography design of an old city with a flower montage. The completed image inspired romance, and a Haiku poem.

Illusive Romance

dreamy reflections city passion fantasy illusive romance


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Word Snap Weekly: Floral Double Helix

It’s a new year and time for a big refresh for the Pixel Prose Challenge, now re-branded ‘Word Snap Weekly’.

A huge thank you goes to Colleen from Silver Threading  who kindly spent some time with me discussing the challenge title. She came up with the name Word Snap, I thought this was such a cool name and it says just what I want it to. I was planning to call it Word Snap Sunday, but my husband Steve – Walk The Self-Talk preferred weekly. We ended up tossing a coin, Steve won 😀

About the Challenge I began in July 2014 with the aim of encouraging myself to write more often. As many of you know I love creating Artography and card designs, but images always mean so much more when accompanied by words.

Writing doesn’t come easy to me, but hosting the challenge does have it’s benefit – I can’t give it a miss! So, each week come what may, I have dedicated myself to writing something. I am loving exploring poetry, but one of these days I intend to write a short story.

I have spent the last couple of days designing a new badge for the challenge, and re-designing the instruction page. I hope you like the changes.

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Red Robin

Red Robin, with a song quote by Al Johnson.

Colleen has decided we can use song lyrics on her challenge, this is such a fabulous idea, and really opens up the world of quotes.

I created my Robin Artography last week. In preparation, I was searching around for a quote to go with my image, but when I saw that we could now use song lyrics too – well, there was only one choice for me. 

When the Red Red Robin, goes Bob Bob Bobbing along. 😀

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, I hope 2015 will be brilliant for you… Continue reading

Christmas Review 2014

We had beautiful weather on Christmas Day. Although cold, it was sunny and bright. I took some photos of our dinner table before serving, and a few other pics with my iPhone 6+ throughout the day and since. What a surprise when we got our White Christmas on Boxing Day, with a sudden five or six inches of snow!

I have gone for a mix of photos for Sally’s iPhonography and Michelle’s Pet challenge. I hope you check them out. Continue reading

Pixel Prose Challenge: Big Ben’s Glory Chime

Welcome to Pixel Prose and the start of the new week 28th December – 4th January

As 2014 draws to a close, I wanted to write a poem to usher the new year in.

For my design this week, I have created an Artography montage of Big Ben amidst a magical snowy scene. My ‘prose’ this week is a two Stanza poem of rhyming couplets – using thirteen syllables per line. Continue reading

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